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What is the most jaw-dropping request you experienced from clients on web projects(websites)?

Recently, I approached a friend who attended digital marketing classes 5-6 years ago. She was starting the making of her business website back then. Till now, I haven’t seen much significant progress.

When I met her last time, I had many ideas and did some good research on her consulting service business and feel it would be a great project to work on. But the timing was not suitable. So I didn’t pursue further.

So cut the long story short, I approached her and had a long talk. Spent quite a long time on researching, consolidated the previous ideas and proposals I had back in 5-6 years ago. I wrote a brief workflow proposal with web development processes, the role of the platform, and users’ experience journey, etc. I kept it simple and let her mind to sparkle more idea from that proposal.

And ….. this is what I got back.
There is no SPECIAL FUNCTION mentioned in the proposal I prepared.(My response was like =.=)
1st, she asked about what I could do and what were I good at. This question is fair enough. I briefed her on that.

2nd, she asked if all the coding/system would be reserved in their hands so their tech guy can maintain it or if I were a partner and depends on what I could do. That’s a fair question too. My answer is like depends on how much effort each party was putting into and how much is the investment. The share will depend on how much she and her partner invest and how much effort we put into web development.
She also mentioned that the worries they have that we would use their know-how(consulting service specialty) or database and use on others. My answer is we are only interested in tech on how to build the system/site.
I presumed that she has intention on blocking us from using any web coding on other consulting like services(in same industry or different industries.) For this, I feel that is unrealistic. We spend efforts on building just one website(a tree) then we will have to tie our hands from touching other similar web structure functions(the whole forest). Also unrealistic for her to pay ridiculous investment amount to block us from doing that.

3rd, she also said there is no special functions in the proposal. I was like … puzzled and shocked that what kind of special functions she intended on having? It crossed my mind of a celebrity reality show cooking for a real life restaurant business. The perfect scenario is the food in mind will spur out straight from the dining table without the guest even say it out.

Mind sharing your experience about projects?

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