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access delegations for frontend and backend

Recently, I am trying to get a project/part of the project from an old contact.

I met a guy claimed to be able to work on backend swiftly. And he demanded that he must get full web hosting access on all the projects he is going to work on.

Below is some info I have collected:

  1. web hosting full access(cpanel) is only single account(I checked with most web hosting even my senior in University)
  2. one web hosting can accommodate 2-3 domains. But you can't delegate web hosting(cpanel) access by domain basis.
  3. ftp setup access on folders can be done in web hosting; the web hosting account holder can upload the database file into myphpadmin
  4. mysql remote access can be setup for backend development

I perceived that most backends can work on remote site access fluently. But I met with someone who claimed that I am very noob on not giving away full access.

Any comments or advise on this ?

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