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Mohammad Mahdi Mohajer
Mohammad Mahdi Mohajer

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Staying out of confusion about what you really love in Computer Science world

For the first post I want to discuss about one of the most things that every beginner in computer science world will definitely face it someday, which is Confusion.
You might get confused by many different things. Maybe you see your friends working on a fantastic project, and you are appealed to participate on that project, Maybe there are some certain fields you wanna dive in to them just because there are many job offers and career options for that field in industry or academia,
Maybe you just want to follow a trend that is usually hyped all around the world. But if we consider all of these situations plus the other unknown ones too, we are not considering the most important aspect of all of these things, which is Finding What You Love!
In my opinion, finding what you love is the most important thing that every human should do or at least try it in order to someday they will find the correct way. Doing what you love is the key to happiness and it is going to show itself more and more when you are in a world of technologies which is like an ocean; You are not going to explore all of the fields.

So what is the solution? How can we find what we love?

SIMPLE ANSWER: by just trying different things quickly.
If I were in someone's shoes in this situation, I would try every thing that comes to my mind in order to find my interests and beloved things faster, because this is the only way, and I have no other choices, so do other people.

It will be probably the same for you guys who are actually reading this post.

I just wanted to share my opinion about this for my first post, and I did not write it down well, because English is not my first and native language.

Btw, Thanks for reading this :))))

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