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How to Start Learning JavaScript

Our first step is that well, we need to get started.

There is hundreds of possible courses out there, there are hundreds of tutorials.

All of them will work.

But if you want me to tell you exact recommendations, here are my two favorite ones.

The first one is absolutely free and it is called the Odin project.

This is what I personally started with back in the day because I was broke and I was following the freeway to start learning web development.

At the very least, I recommend you read like the first couple of sections because they are explanations of how the web works and all of this is really really excellent.

It is just text based article. But if you are looking for a free way to learn JavaScript, at this stage of your learning, you should go through the foundation sections of the Odin project, is absolutely excellent.

The second one which is my personal favorite is The 2 Hour Web Developer Essentially what this is, is a full course from completely zero to becoming a web developer.

And the thing that I always say is that it doesn't matter what resources you pick.

Just pick something that you resonate with.

Happy Coding!
Karl ⛹ī¸

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