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Ordinary Puzzles – An open-source mobile puzzle game built with React-Native

mmazzarolo profile image Matteo Mazzarolo ・1 min read

I just published Ordinary Puzzles, an open-source mobile puzzle game with React-Native, in the App Store and in the Play Store.

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Mobile and web puzzle game built with React-Native

Ordinary Puzzles

Ordinary Puzzles: A minimalistic puzzle game built with React-Native.

Launch now as web app Download on the app store Download on the play store

Ordinary Puzzles Ordinary Puzzles


Ordinary Puzzles is a minimalistic puzzle game build with React Native, React Native for Web, TypeScript and MobX.
Ordinary Puzzles is free, has no ads, and no in-app purchases.
You can download it on the Google Play Store, on the Apple App Store, or play it directly on the web as a Progressive Web App.

Some Background

Ordinary Puzzles is a game inspired by Juho Snellman's Linjat.
I discovered Linjat a while ago on Hacker News. I liked the concept of its Picross-like puzzles, so after a quick chat with Juho I decided to port it to a mobile game.

The font used across the entire app is Averta, by Kostas Bartsokas.


Pull requests are welcome. File an issue for ideas, conversation or feedback.

Any kind of discussion or feedback is warmly welcome!

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