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DevOps Bulletin #81: ChatGPT Extension for VSCode

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Headline Tutorials:

Building a full-stack chat application with AWS and NextJS

๐Ÿงช โ€œTesting Serverless applications on AWSโ€ โ€” This guide discusses methodologies for testing serverless applications, describes the challenges that you might encounter during testing, and introduces best practices.

๐ŸŽฎ โ€œDIY Minecraft dashboard to manage your kids gamesโ€ โ€” This post outlines how to build a real-time Minecraft Server dashboard using AWS Amplify and AWS Appsync to cost-effectively manage Minecraft Servers deployed on EC2 instances.

๐Ÿ“Š โ€œ3 metrics to optimize continuous integration pipelinesโ€ โ€” Which metrics should you monitor to optimize the performance of CI pipelines? This article highlights those key metrics including change failure rate, test coverage and more!

๐Ÿš€ โ€œRunning Workflows on windows with Jenkins pipeline and Kubernetesโ€ โ€” A tutorial on how to add windows worker nodes to your EKS cluster and then run windows workflows on the top of it.

๐Ÿง  โ€œBringing a product mindset into DevOpsโ€ โ€” Adding a product mindset to DevOps capabilities is a key ingredient to finding this balance between desirability, viability and feasibility.

๐Ÿ‘€ โ€œA beginnerโ€™s guide to Jaegerโ€ โ€” Jaeger is an open-source distributed tracing system created by Uber. This guide covers everything you needed to know about Jaeger Tracing.

๐Ÿ’ก โ€œSLSA dip โ€” At the source of the problem!โ€ โ€” This article is part of a series about the security of the software supply chain. Each article will be analyzing a component of the Supply chain Levels for Software Artifacts (SLSA) model in depth.

Latest open source projects

ChatGPT for Google

A browser extension to display ChatGPT response alongside search engine results

A browser extension to display ChatGPT response alongside Google (and other search engines) results, supports Chrome/Edge/Firefox.


GruCloud is a low/no-code infrastructure as a code tool

GruCloud is a low/no-code infrastructure as a code tool. It can generate code from live infrastructure, and deploy resources to the cloud from code.

ChatGPT Extension for VSCode

A VSCode extension that allows you to use ChatGPT

This Visual Studio Code extension allows you to use the unofficial ChatGPT API to generate natural language responses from OpenAIโ€™s ChatGPT to your questions, right within the editor.


Find outdated or deprecated Helm charts running in your cluster.

Nova scans your cluster for installed Helm charts, then cross-checks them against all known Helm repositories. If it finds an updated version of the chart youโ€™re using, or notices your current version is deprecated, it will let you know.


A simple tool to audit your AWS infrastructure

YATAS (Yet Another Testing & Auditing Solution) is a simple tool to audit your AWS infrastructure for misconfiguration or potential security issues with plugins integration.

AWS Lambda Live Tuner

AWS Lambda Live Tuner tests memory configurations based on real incoming events instead of a single test event. Using different incoming events instead helps you test the actual behavior of the Lambda.

Tweet of the week

AWS re:Invent announcements

Read the full thread here.

Meme of the week

GPT-3: How to Kill an SRE Inside ๐Ÿ’€

How to kill an SRE according to ChatGPT

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