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Live Zoom programming Sunday with Gábor Szabó

mjgardner profile image Mark Gardner Originally published at on ・1 min read

We’re doing part 2 of pair programming a course management app in Perl and Mojolicious this Sunday at 10 AM Central US time. Get more details and register here.

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Crestiancik • Edited

Maaan, I would also like to participate at such a conference as I missed the last one, I did not have enough time as my boss asked me to do some new calculations and I could not leave them for another day. Honestly, I am really thankful to apps and platforms like zoom as I do not have to walk to a certain conference room, stay on those uncomfortable seats, you can stay in your bed, drinking a coffee, and enjoying your time. Our company actually had some problems while integrating zoom. At last we had to call for the services of as they are the best zoom integrators.

cristi_lungu_16927cd1fb8d profile image
Cristi Lungu

will there be another zoom conference with him?!

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