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Updated my blog to Zola and TailwindUI

Mitch Stanley
Developer of Snipline and other cool stuff.
Originally published at ・1 min read

As is customary for web developer blogs, I spend more time building the website than I do blogging.

The new website available in light and dark mode

Link to the website

That said, there were a few issues with my previous site that made me want a refresh.

  • Comments weren't always loading.
  • No call to actions or even social links!
  • Formatting wasn't always quite right, especially with syntax highlighting.
  • Ability to link up series' of articles (Like
  • Add warning disclaimer to old posts.

A preview of how old posts and series' look

Anyway, I've rebuilt the site with Zola and TailwindUI and I'm pretty pleased with it.

I'm promoting my apps a bit more with it and my social media presence.

As a bonus, it has a native dark mode!

The old website

Just for kicks, here's what the old website looked like. It was made with a template and used Nuxt.js + CraftCMS for the headless CMS.

The previous website

And here's the first website! This one was built with Middleman, a Ruby static site generator. Back in 2013.

The first iteration of Full Stack Stanley

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