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Mitch Stanley
Mitch Stanley

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Introducing Rsyncinator

In March last year, I released a web tool for building rsync commands via a GUI. I've now further developed it into it's own Mac app which is named Rsyncinator.

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The Mac app adds some niceties, such as being able to store and load commonly used rsync commands and using a convenient file picker for local paths. It also comes with all the goodness of a native Mac app: It's fast, small, and has multi window/tab support.

After I finished building it, I decided it needed a website of its own. So I've rewritten the old Rsync for Snipline website from the ground up. You can still use the web tool, although it's slightly different now (More inline with the Mac app).

You can see the new website here and if you like the look if it, you can get the Mac app on the App Store.

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