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Has anyone worked in React and Angular both?

mindset profile image Jayesh Tembhekar ⚡ ・Updated on ・1 min read

Two most popular front-end frameworks/library:

  • React
  • Angular

Which is your favorite one?
I would like to know 👩‍💻👨‍💻


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Rohit Kumawat

Angular has a learning curve. It is a full-fledged framework. You won't face structuring problems or typescript integration.

React is a library and easy to get started. More JavaScript syntax like directly use the Array map method for looping and more real-life use cases of JS concepts like closures, binding, etc. If your JS fundamentals are strong, React will be easy to learn.

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React gives me freedom and speed that I want.

Angular got me banging my head against the wall trying to figure out the documentation. So many ways to do the same thing, unclear why things are the way they are.

To be fair, I have way more experience with React than Angular (only one project). Angular is more batteries included, but I would pick React over Angular any day.

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Jayesh Tembhekar ⚡ Author

Yeah, I also felt the same way 😅

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Derek Fowler

I prefer React but would add that Redux has been a large part of that which you can also use with Angular.

I think if you're from a background where code and markup is mixed in the page e.g. PHP then you'll probably prefer React. If you're from a separated markup and code-behind background e.g. ASP.NET / WPF you'll probably prefer Angular.

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Valentin Huber

I work with both and I really don't have a favourite:

I started with React and still like is "pureness" over the complexity of Angular, but when it comes to production-grade apps you have to add lots of libraries to a React project (routing, forms, ...) whereas Angular contains lots of that, including good documentation (if you know what you're doing).

So I would say that with React there's more than one way to do it whereas with Angular there is at least the default Angular way.

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Lea Rosema (she/her)

I've worked with both Angular and React. I think both have its strengths and weaknesses. I prefer React because I worked longer with it, and my recent experience using Angular went not so well. I was thrown into a long-existing Angular project and the person who was supposed to mentor me (I'm a junior) was a bit toxic.

When I asked for help and/or required more time to understand all the things about all the ngrx actions/reducers/effects that were implemented into the app, they mentioned something like "shame on you you didn't figure out that yourself".

I may give Angular a second chance but that negative experience was very recent. May take some time.

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I prefer react. The rigidity of angular is something that never really appealed that much to me, beyond typescript which I love. But the fact that Angular uses limited HTML templates always makes things harder for everyone

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I prefer Angular

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David Leuliette 🤖

React because I am working with React Native.
The community is amazing and as a freelance I have more contracts with React.

I used AngularJS and Cordova (when it was still a thing) and the end result was not really good. Really slow application and outdated documentation.

I got the same effect working with Ruby on Rails Vs. Php frameworks.
Rails mades me super productive and it was not the case with php.

It's just a taste, find something you like working with, and ship product to makes your users happy 🚀

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Mohamed Beshri Amer

react is one way data binding but Angular use Two Way Data binding
React is a library but Angular is a framework
In Big Projects I use Angular you can also work with react using Redux but i don't love redux to manage the state in small project i use react and ContextAPI .
by the way i prefer Angular

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jan paul

i dont like the versioning of angular. its now 10? member good old 1.6

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No, the good old 1.6 is for Counter Strike 😄

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jan paul

"The 1.6 release added many of the concepts of Angular to AngularJS [...]"

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Never mind, you did not catch the joke lol

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React is very easy to use, if you wanna get things done very quickly (relativly also), then your are good to go.

Once your project start to grow you'll find yourself implementing some stuff, than Angular provides for you by default.

Vue.js comes in the middle ground, build stuffs very quickly also and it will provides some common functionnality.

I've used vuejs and Angular, and I would say it depends, for example if im working on personal project or for freelancing I would choose vuejs, but if im working on a professional big project I would use Angular

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React is more easy to understand and implement

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