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Rails - Convention Over Configuration

mindful_developer profile image Biagio J Mendolia ・1 min read

When starting the Rails Curriculum, the concept of convention over configuration was said to be the basis of Ruby on Rails. The Rails framework has provided developers with an environment designed to get more done, in a shorter time with less code. Convention over configuration is defined as a software design paradigm that attempts to minimize the number of recurring decisions that a developer needs to make. In Rails, the repetitive part of programming is abstracted away to allow you to focus more on problem solving. I’ve noticed that the naming conventions in the Rails framework follows a natural/sensible thought process. For example, when using the resources macro for the application routes, it creates the 7 RESTful routes and provides url helpers with appropriate naming. It’s conventions like this that help cut out a bunch of time in the developing process. Convention over configuration in Rails allows you to focus more on problem solving by abstracting the repetitive stuff away! Being new to the programming world, I thought Rails would be extremely difficult for me to learn. However, I’ve found that the constant use of convention over configuration has made everything in the framework come together very naturally.

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