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JavaScript Project

mindful_developer profile image Biagio J Mendolia ・1 min read

When leading up to the Ruby on Rails project, I felt like I knew what I wanted to do and how to properly do it. Which was a considerably different feeling than the one I had the week before JavaScript project week. It took me a day or two to think of and settle on a project idea. The requirements for this project were a lot looser than the previous project which made it more difficult to decide what to do!

I finally decided to do a simple garage application, there were a few different ways to go about creating this. I thought it would be easiest to structure my models where a user has many cars and a car belongs to a user, then make the illusion of a “garage” by using div to encapsulate each user’s data. This was great because this idea covered the basic MVP requirements while manipulating the DOM and practicing the Object-oriented JavaScript(OOJS). I was surprised how comfortable I was with OOJS, it almost felt natural to encapsulate data and behavior that way.

Throughout the curriculum and project, I would constantly say to myself how much I love Ruby. I find that JavaScript syntax is hard to learn and understand, especially after coding in Ruby for the past few months. I found Ruby to be easy on the eyes and brain where JavaScript is a lot more challenging to comprehend however the concepts make a lot of sense. The JavaScript project made me realize how powerful the language is and I feel that the more I code with JavaScript, the more I will enjoy it!

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