Git: How to move misallocated commits

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Accidentally, I committed 6 times into master instead of creating a new branch.

One wrong commit wouldn't be painful, I would do a simple git reset --soft HEAD~1, stash and re-commit.

But how to solve this problem?

Easier than expected.


  1. Create a new branch based on master
  2. Remove the commits from master


  1. Go into master: git checkout master
  2. Create a new branch based on master: git branch my-new-branch
  3. (In master): git reset --hard HEAD~N, where N is the number of commits I want to remove, 6 in my case.


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Alternatively you can use git reset --hard origin/master in step 3. This resets the status of the local repository to the state of remote.


@mygeen ,

awesome, thanks for this information.
If you want to use it, first check if your remote is at the proper state.