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My Website

I just recently fixed up my website (the old one was a template) and I'm looking for opinions on it. Thoughts?

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IndyDevGuy • Edited on

I like the simplicity and the fact you get right to the point although I would suggest not to make the paragraph of text on the homepage move up and down. I could see it hurting peoples eyes especially someone with glasses. Good work tho!

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terabyte. Author

Thanks for that, I think I will change it.

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love yhe animations, but the layout is not that responsive on mobile

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Nikola Betica

Looking good on desktop, but has some issues on mobile. Hit me up on Twitter, I can give you a few simple tips how to easily fix it.

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RKNpy • Edited on

that url is invalid
maybe you forgot to update it to

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LailaAli • Edited on

Hey Mikey! What is your goal with the website? What do you want to get out of it? And I agree with the other comments about it not being very mobile friendly. Some text is way too small to read.