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How I fell in love with Keybase

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Keybase is a chat app that features end-to-end encryption and a variety of security features. I just recently discovered it and I love it so far.


🔐 End-To-End Encryption

Using each of your devices generated key, Keybase will encrypt all of your messages. Your keys are stored in your device, and Keybase doesn't have them at all.

🗝 Encrypt your messages even further

Sending Bank Passwords or super-sensitive documents? Encrypt them even more! Using Keybase's Crypto feature, you can use Saltpack encryption to encrypt your files before they're sent. You can even encrypt it so that only specified people can decrypt the file.

💥 Exploding Messages

Is double-decker encryption not enough? It'd just be best if you never sent it right? Enter Exploding Messages! Set a timer on your messages, to have them explode when the timer ends! For your most important documents and secrets, using Keybase's Crypto feature and Exploding Messages together are an incredible combination.

🔒📁 File Sharing

Do you need to host files for your team? With Keybase, host them privately so that only your team can access them. Anyone from your team can view the files when they need to, and the files are always both signed and encrypted.

These are some of the reasons I immediately liked Keybase. Want to chat? You can find me on Keybase here!

I promise this wasn't paid I just love Keybase

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I also like Keybase, but I've found myself using it less and less for simpler programs like Signal. Signal does all of those things - from exploding messages to End To End Encryption, and it's fairly simple to use when I'm in a pinch, along with being fairly lightweight.

The first rule of online security and privacy is undoubtedly "Do not give services more information than they need to know" or the common-equated ZeroExtraPermissions rule. It's generally not a good idea to have my chat app also host all of my documents and ALSO my encryption keys for other software. My chat app should only be a chat app, and specialize in being a chat app so it can be the best chat app possible without bloating itself.

Signal is just that, a chat app. Nothing more, nothing less. It focuses on my security and privacy and doesn't try to make itself my #1 for everything. Also, Signal is owned by a nonprofit, whereas Keybase is owned by the same company Zoom is - and we know how serious Zoom is about security.