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Giving That Water Away: On Not Having To Call When You're Addicted To The Shindig

mikey profile image Mikey Battiston Updated on ・1 min read

Some people can't stop! They write too much and they forget to read something other than what they've written. These are the people I wish to bind to this text’s context. So, if you’re here, it’s because I summoned you; now keep reading, it’s good for you!

Some people expect you to do a little dance and sometimes you do a little dance; however, Usher would want us to consider that sometimes: "situations will arise, in your life, when you gotta be smart about it".

Moreover, Usher would encourage you and to consider the other side of that coin, which is that just because a little dance is taking place without you, doesn't mean the dancers don't think the world of you! It doesn't mean they're "addicted to the shindig"!

If you're ever feeling like you're doing a little dance, or that someone close to you is doing a little dance, you might just want to drink a little water. Well, what are you waiting for? Get your buddy to get you one! Hell, I'll even get one for you! :^)

If you don't want the water, give it away!

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