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4 useful Terraform open-source tools

Here is a list of some popular open-source Terraform tools that may be useful for your infrastructure as code (IaC) needs:

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  1. Tfsec: a static analysis security tool that can be used to scan your Terraform configuration files and identify potential security issues. It checks for things like hardcoded secrets, insecure resource configurations, and other security best practices.
  2. Infracost: a tool that allows you to see the cost breakdown of your infrastructure resources on a monthly and hourly basis, helping you optimize your costs.
  3. OPA (Open Policy Agent): a policy engine that can be used to enforce policies on infrastructure as code, including Terraform configuration.
  4. Terrascan: a security scanning tool that analyzes Terraform configuration files and plans to identify potential security issues.

These tools can be run as a standalone tool or integrated into your CI/CD pipeline and help you streamline your infrastructure management processes.

Here are some examples of how these tools can be used as part of your CI workflow:

Automate your CI/CD pipeline

  1. Tfsec, Terrascan: These tools can be run as part of your CI pipeline to check your Terraform configuration files for potential security issues. This can help you identify and fix issues before they get deployed to your infrastructure.
  2. OPA: OPA can be used to enforce policies on your infrastructure as code. By integrating OPA into your CI pipeline, you can automatically validate your infrastructure configuration against your defined policies to ensure compliance.
  3. Infracost: Infracost can be used to calculate the estimated cost of your infrastructure resources, based on your Terraform configuration files. By integrating Infracost into your CI pipeline, you can track the cost of your infrastructure over time and identify areas where you can optimize your costs.

Overall, integrating these tools into your CI workflow can help you automate the process of checking your infrastructure as code for issues, ensuring that your infrastructure is secure, compliant, and cost-optimized.

Do you have other Terraform-related open-source tools that you recommend? Please go ahead and add in the comments!

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