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Discussion on: Number.range; Stage-1 proposal

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Mike Talbot • Edited

I'd suggest the best way to do range today would be:

    const range = (start, end)=>Array.from({length: end-start}, (__,i)=>start+i)

No need to double memory and processing by spreading the result into an array or making another one with map.

hemanth profile image Author

Yup, that is covered in the many other ways of doing this link.

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For most purposes, an iterator is actually preferable. These can be created via generators, as mentioned in the article.
I wrote one in an older article of mine:

class Range {
  constructor(min, max, step = 1) {
    this.val = min;
    this.end = max;
    this.step = step;

  * [Symbol.iterator]() {
    while (this.val <= this.end) {
      yield this.val;
      this.val += this.step;