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re: Hi Mike! Thanks for trying it! Yes sometimes it's pretty annoying but it strongly depends on which IDE are you using and your coding speed! To fi...

Yeah I'm not sure why it's autocorrecting Markdown - on Webstorm - my CHANGELOG.md randomly has a version number that isn't right lol.

I can see what you mean on the tab to complete stuff, definitely interesting given all of the more complex structures it suggests. Never been a fan of editor shortcuts, but maybe....

Damn, that's strange at all!

I think the plugin is reading all your files, and maybe it touches them.

According to FAQs:

Since TabNine does not parse your code, it will never stop working because of a mismatched bracket.

I don't think it's changing your file metadata or something like that. Can I ask you to provide an example of what's happening? Maybe I can help you!

Well it's active in my Markdown - offering suggestions, which is a little unhelpful really - I'm not expecting my English to change on Enter

I typed this:

#### 2.1.50

- Handle the case where the Promise yielded is immediately resolved without
  going through the restart process

And it stuck a 7 on the end of the version number

It helps you with code first, and it "works" also with markdown, but as a syntax language it tries to help you with some suggestions calculated on your code, so it could mess a little bit up. Anyway, I've tried on a new markdown file and It's not happening, I think it is because is learning from your code and somehow it matches the wrong words. I'll check TabNine devs for that to learn more about this behaviour.

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