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re: Maybe I try to experiment first with some polyfills. It is always better to maintain one project, than 5 of them, for different frameworks. Will se...

Count me in, anything I can do to help let me know.

Currently the biggest help would be to try to use the grid in some real world markup (can be some random webpage template) and bring some feedback based on it. For instance, it could help me with a dilemma — whether the grid needs classes for sticky content (telling an element to be always aligned to the left/right side of the container).. It can be done now with the nesting of grids, but maybe people would appreciate being able to control it without nesting. I did not include that so far, as I wanted to keep it as small as possible for the beginning (sticky thing would need to generate quite lot of css rules based on element queries)

Ok sure, when I get a moment I'll go rework me recently written page to use it, could benefit from ultrawide having columns etc.

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