What does web development look like in 2030?

mikenikles profile image Mike Nikles ・1 min read

Two of my predictions:

  • Distributed static page generation
  • Web on IoT

Curious to learn what others think.


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It's very difficult question, but interesting as well. Hard to say how web development will look like even in 2021/2022, because in the near future can appear technologies which we even not dream about... but base on current knowledge I think that we will be more focused on mobile and VR and we will do much more microservices.


Exactly that. We started with mostly static content, to dynamic server side content, to client side rendering, to server side rendering, to static content, to ...
We got popup ads, and popup blockers. Then we got popups for location sharing and notifications, now we're getting blockers for then. We got in page popups for cookies, consent, and news letters... I assume we're going to get blockers for that too.

The only thing that changes is the weight of it all. I expect in 2030 websites to carry the weight of the Doom 3 demo, just like websites today are often much larger that the Doom 1 shareware was.


I don't even remember what was web development 10 years ago :D

Everything, at the infrastructure level, will be hyper connected probably, as 5G will result in millions of connected sensors and devices.

Some thing that web development will have to completely intersect with VR, but who knows...

One thing will probably stay very similar: HTTP (though I hope in 10 years will all be using HTTP/3).

I hope that, also due to all of those low powered devices, we'll go back to a lean web.

Webassembly will be ubiquitious and friction free (and also outside the Web, see WASI)

Edge computing will be huge, as decentralized private architectures.

Web development will have to adapt and evolve around all of that.


Hope more Banjo Kazooie like games come along.
Anyone else miss BK w/ us?