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MikaZuki Augus
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Developing new Games on Kaboom!

Hey Guys,

Mika back again with another update on my coding journey.
Over the last few days after working on some of the webdesign portfolio I decided to switch my brain to other coding activities to resist fatigue which I have gotten in the past.

Which Im glad to say it works! Sometimes spending hours and hours on a project can be the one thing that can make you feel fed up and not want to continue. This happened to me quite a lot over the last 2 years when I first decided to embark on my coding journey.

I switched gears this time to a FreeCodeCamp course of trying to create your own easy Java Script games. I myself am a gamer AND would definitely love to reach the point one day to be able to develop my own games. So when I came across this course I thought it would be a no brainer to save it for later.

I started the course and what do you know, I found since I loved Gaming so much, my frustration for the Errors and getting stuck halved by about 50% 😅. Which is great. I was able to persevere and stare @ numerous code for ages and see where I went wrong and how to fix the errors till I was able to make the code work.

Ofcourse there was a lot of help with this one because it was a tutorial, but nontheless I feel like I have gained valuable experience and actually learned something rather than to just struggling through a hard topic and not feeling like I'm missing out on anything.

I worked abit on my own customised game and also a Space Invaders game. In the next few days I hope to finish the course and be able to create my own Zelda & Mario game.

If your interested in giving my game a quick play.
The link is here:

I plan to tweak and uprade along the way to make it more challening🤪 Enjoy! (p.s. Comment with your top score!)

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Good Day,

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