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Miguel Ángel Cabrera Miñagorri
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Simplifying Computer Vision: A Journey with Pipeless

Welcome to a new chapter in your computer vision endeavors. Today, we're breaking down the complexities and embracing a practical approach to building applications with Pipeless. No jargon, just a list of points about how Pipeless makes your development process smoother.

The Foundation

Picture this: You have your pre-trained models, and you've crafted the functions to pre and post-process the data for that model. That's all you need. Pipeless takes the reins, handling the deployment of your models and the execution of functions on stream events.
Pipeless is model-agnostic, welcoming your pre-trained models with open arms. It's about fitting them into your workflow effortlessly. You can event chain several models with no changes to the code.

Deploy Anywhere, Anytime

With the functions and the models, you can proceed to start the Pipeless core either in a cloud instance or inside an edge device, like a Nvidia Jetson. Then, just tell Pipeless to start processing a stream, either from the webcam or a remote URI.

Mastering Streams

Multimedia streams can be tricky. With Pipeless you gain dynamic control and management out-of-the-box. You only need to know that a video stream is composed of images called frames.
Scaling the streams is also delegated to Pipeless. Whether you're dealing with one stream or a hundred, the framework ensures optimal performance, allowing you to focus on what matters.


In conclusion, Pipeless is your ticket to a hassle-free world of computer vision development. This journey is about simplifying, not complicating. We believe in the world of computer vision, clarity and simplicity is key.

If you want to support our work star our GitHub repository and share your feedback and thoughts!

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An open-source computer vision framework to build and deploy apps in minutes without worrying about multimedia pipelines


Easily create, deploy and run computer vision applications.

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Pipeless is an open-source computer vision framework to create and deploy applications without the complexity of building and maintaining multimedia pipelines. It ships everything you need to create and deploy efficient computer vision applications that work in real-time in just minutes.

Pipeless is inspired by modern serverless technologies. It provides the development experience of serverless frameworks applied to computer vision. You provide some functions that are executed for new video frames and Pipeless takes care of everything else.

You can easily use industry-standard models, such as YOLO, or load your custom model in one of the supported inference runtimes. Pipeless ships some of the most popular inference runtimes, such as the ONNX Runtime, allowing you to run inference with high performance on CPU or GPU out-of-the-box.

You can deploy your Pipeless application to edge…

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