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Create your CRUD Application in PHP

Create, Read, Update, Delete - manage your MySQL / PDO Database

Introduction & Prerequisites

PHP CRUD Generator is a powerful web application that allows to build Bootstrap CRUD Admin dashboards in PHP using an online User Interface.

What you need to get started:

  • A project based on a MySQL / PDO database
  • A PHP Server (PHP 7.x, PHP 8.x)
  • Buy PHP CRUD Generator at a ridiculous price that will save you weeks of hard work

This startup tutorial will teach you the basics, and allows you to quickly create your Bootstrap CRUD Admin Dashboard without programming.

Once you have understood the basics and started using PHP CRUD Generator, you will see that it is still simple and intuitive and will probably discover its wide range of features by yourself:

  • how to display dates and times?
  • how to use file and image uploads?
  • how to protect access to the admin with a login and password?
  • how to manage users and rights?
  • how to customize and organize the sidebar?
  • etc.

Although all these operations are always easy to achieve (usually just select your options in the generator, or click on the button corresponding to what you are looking for), you will find a tutorial for each step in creating your Bootstrap CRUD Admin.

Here's an overview of the type of CRUD Admin Dashboard that PHP CRUD Generator will build from your database:
CRUD Admin Dashboard screenshot

Bootswatch themes are included and the user interface can be customized as desired.
The admin dashboard design can be customized with Bootswatch themes

How to create your PHP CRUD Application

  1. Upload the required* folders on your server as described in the documentation

  2. Open the installer - /install/do-install.php in your browser and follow the install process.
    You'll need to enter your purchase code and your database connection informations.

  3. Open the CRUD Generator - /php-crud-generator/generator/generator.php in your browser

    The application has automatically detected your database and all its components: tables, fields, field types and relationships.
    You can therefore see your tables in the drop-down list

    Choose the 1st table for which you want to create CRUD operations in the drop-down list and validate your choice.

    Choose your table to build CRUD operations

  4. Select **one of the three available tabs to generate the pages and forms of your Bootstrap CRUD Admin**
    ChoosSelect an action

    • Build READ List: Generates the paginated data table
    • Build Create / Update Forms: Generates the add / edit forms for the records
    • Build Delete Forms: Generates the deletion form

    The pages and forms of your administration are available and functional as you create them.

    You can go to your Admin Panel at any time, test the features, then return to the generator and modify again the options of your choice if you want to make any changes.

    php crud generator makes your bootstrap admin 100% scalable.

    The smart system stores all your settings.

    You can rebuild each element of your Admin Dashboard at will.

    You can also modify the structure of your database, add or delete tables, fields, relationships, and then regenerate the different parts of your Bootstrap Dashboard.

  5. Your CRUD Admin Dashboard is ready

    You can now use your Admin Dashboard to manage your database using the available CRUD operations.

    The necessary plugins and functionalities have been automatically integrated:

    • calendars
    • date translation
    • sorting functions
    • filters and data search
    • export to Excel or CSV format
    • printing
    • file upload
    • images with resizing and thumbnails
    • etc...

A demo and full documentation are available on the PHP CRUD website.

Fast, efficient support guaranteed.

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