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Bootstrap Admin Panel Generator

Hi everybody,

Here's a revolutionary web application to manage your CRUD operations

PHP CRUD Generator is an easy-to-use graphical web application that consists of two main parts:

  • The CRUD Generator, that analyzes your MySQL database and lets you build your administration panel with a very simple and convenient user panel.
  • The Admin Panel, a fully featured administration system built with Bootstrap, jQuery, PHP and MySQL that lets you manage your content from your database. PHP CRUD Generator provides you with powerful administration tools for all types of projects: e-commerce websites, portfolios, products and data management, as well as presentation of all types of data.

The official site offers a CRUD Tutorial page, where you can find the guides to get started quickly

PHP CRUD Generator builds the Bootstrap control panel for your website from your MYSQL database using a simple and easy-to-use UI.

This CRUD/PHP system will allow you to save enormous amounts of time and build a fully featured and powerful Bootstrap / jQuery administration panel for you in a couple of clicks from your MySQL database.

PHP CRUD Generator is intended for any website owner or web administrator using a MySQL database.
It is not essential to know how to code, it is a graphical application that has a user interface.

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