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AIStudio – a Next-Generation, AI-Enabled, Data Modeling Platform

What is AIStudio?

A next-generation, AI-enabled, data-modeling platform that delivers deep insights for improving the performance and security of machines and networks.

AIStudio provides data-scientists and developers the capability to rapidly ingest their asset data, fine-tune and execute AI models, visualize the impact of those models, and utilize the resulting insights to optimize IT and OT asset performance and security.
AIStudio is a feature-rich application that is easy to access, manipulate, and consume. Features and capabilities include:

- User-Friendly Interface:
An intuitive web application that provides rapid access and simple navigation.

- No Coding:
AI models can be onboarded, tuned, and validated without having to develop any extraneous software code.

- Rapid Data Ingestion:
The ability to import live or historical data from a machine, network, or device. Real-time, point-to-point, data ingestion simplifies the evaluation process.

- Active Data Labeling:
The ability to identify and label abnormal points in the data generated by the connected asset. Provides more accurate and traceable identification of anomalies.

- Dynamic Visualization:
The flexibility to view data via customizable dashboards, compiled statistics, or correlation matrices.

- AI Model Tuning:
Model optimization via live model tuning and feature engineering. Users can evaluate the effects of their model changes in real-time, accelerating the assessment process.

Advantage of AIStudio

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