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Glee - Breaking the boredom

Team Declaration
Alt Text
Team Name - TeamX001
Name Student ID Number Github Handle
Team Leader Janani Wasana 18000894 @jwasana
Member 1 Manthi Nimaya Perera 18001211 @nimayaperera
Member 2 Michelle Fernando 18000551 @michellefdo

What we are building
With the current situation in the world, we will often have to stay home. for those of us who work outside the home, spending time at home can be like being in a prison cell. we need to spend our days without stress and without wasting time. many people are accustomed to using social media. we think it is monotonous.
As a solution, we thought of fulfilling many different things in one place.
Therefore we decided to create a website by adding several applications called "Glee" with a Cyberpunk theme. Having the meaning joyful/ Cheerful and Happiness. The main purpose of this is to spend time without wasting time and thereby develop people's imagination in some way and also to avoid the toxic environment. It includes several elements.
5.E-Books and many more fun activities

How we built it
[Initial Update - 22nd of October]
All the team members participated in the awareness session. Get some knowledge on what they expect from this competition and what we should build.

[Update 2 - 23rd of October]
Three of us had many ideas, related to this covid-19 pandemic. But finally, come up with the best idea to build. We have named it 'Glee'.

[Update 3 - 24th of October]
After getting some inspiration from Cyberpunk website themes, we decided to build our project with it. Searched for color themes and images that suit our idea.

[Update 4 - 25th of October]
Created the repository 'Glee website'. Begins to build UI's using Adobe XD.

[Update 4 - 25th of October]
Developed Login and Signup Pages using HTML5, CSS, and PHP.
Finalize the UIs. Submit the project. We hope to connect other APIs, Applications, and add more other features in the future.

Link to Code

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