happy to be on the DEV team!

Michael Tharrington on January 09, 2019

I'm proud to announce that I recently joined the DEV team as a community coordinator. Now one month into the gig, it's safe to say I'm digging it. ... [Read Full]
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First of all, congratulations! 🎉🎉🎉

Also, don't worry about it, man. There's no need to be a developer to be a positive force in the community. Keep doing what you do and be the best Community Coordinator you can be. 👍


Woohoo!! You've already been making major contributions in your short time here, and I can't wait to see your responsibilities evolve and expand over time. Supporting the community is the most important aspect of our work here at DEV, and I know you'll be an amazing asset and advocate for everyone here.


It's so great to have you Michael!

Big things in 2019 as the team grows!!


So great to be here!! I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of the DEV journey! 😀


Oh yeah! Honored to have joined the team at the same time as ya! 🙌


Hey dude congrats! A month ago I posted my first article on here and you responded that you were in the mix of learning as well... I made note that I would check up on your progress in one month and see how you were doin. Looks like you're doin well but I want to know how your studies are going. Mine are slowing as in just going thru courses but I've started a few side projects which are keeping me busy. Think it may be a good thing if we hold each other accountable for studying and learning. Anyways, let me know how thing are going!


Hey Tony!

You got a good memory. 😀 ... too good! 😅 Because I've been a total slouch on my studies! 😆

I've got no real good excuses, and you're absolutely right that I could use a hand with someone keeping me accountable. Appreciate the friendly tap on the shoulder to egg me on!

Anyway, it sounds like you're a few side projects ahead of me. Make anything particularly noteworthy? Ideas for what's next?


Nothing that is noteworthy as of now but one's a personal website that I will turn into my github page and one of the start of a dapp, decentralized application, that has a blockchain backend. Again, nothing other than some text on a white website as of now, but some of the transactions and communications with the API are working which is amazing to me!

I already made a note to check in with you again in a month. Keep on going man! If you need any encouragement or ideas on what to do or study, hit me up and maybe I can help.

Hi Tony, are you still looking for a JS mentor? I can help you with that.


Congrats again Michael! 🎉

Also, since you are now officially learning Python, then you're more and more of a dev.to dev too! 😀


Oh, I know this guy! Haha. Really appreciate the congrats... but even more so, the pun. 😂

I'd technically still classify myself as learning and stumbling over the command line. But hey, I got Python installed. That's ughh... something, haha. But seriously, I got a pretty good list of flashcards I'm going through for the command line and am feeling more confident every day. Python here we come! 🐍


That's amazing, congratulation Michael. 🎉
Now that you've joined dev.to, you'll soon turn into a dev too. 😄


Haha, thankya much! I can only hope... well, and practice/learn, haha! Good thing I'm regularly looking through awesome resources! 😄


I'm so happy to be here, Mac! Y'all're (woaah not sure if that's a word anymore, haha) awesome!


Yayyy welcome to the community Michael! Excited to work with you again!

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