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What if I don't use Jekyll?

michaelcurrin profile image Michael ・2 min read

What if you are reading this post and you want to host a static site without Jekyll?

Note that this post series is specifically focused on Jekyll sites, which get built for your on GitHub Pages. If you have another flow without Jekyll such as with a Node app (React, Next, Vue.js), then you can't use plain GitHub Pages. You need to use GitHub Pages integration GitHub Actions, or you need Netlify. Either flow will support many languages to build with.

I have a post series on GitHub Actions aimed at beginners and Node app developers. So you can check that out.

And as with Jekyll, again I want to highlight that Netlify is really simple to configure.

Your Netlify setup can be:

commmand: npm run build
publish: build
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And that would build to and serve from your build directory. You don't even need to specify an install step or NPM vs Yarn as Netlify takes care of that for you.

I have some recommended Netlify config setups in my Code Cookbook project.


I hope you have learnt a lot about Netlify, GitHub Pages and GitHub Actions and feel like you can make a good decision for what to use for your next Jekyll site.


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