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Showcase your GitHub repos

I built a Jekyll-based site that showcases all my public GitHub projects. The most recently updated repos appear first.


It uses the GitHub's GraphQL API to get all the data in a single server-side request.

Using GraphQL API means I can get the topics on a repo like #javascript. This data not available using the REST API, so I am very pleased with this. I use that data to group repos under a topic on the Topics page.


I rebuild the site occasionally to pull in the latest repo data. The browser doesn't have to do any requests to the GitHub API and the content is available immediately, if slightly out of date.

If you want a project like this one, follow the instructions to easily fork it and set it up on Netlify with a list of your own repos.

Contributions are welcome.

Let me know if you have any ideas for a better repo name or domain name.

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Woah, great!