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Michael Currin
Michael Currin

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How do you distribute your binaries?

For some programming languages, it makes sense to bundle your application as a single binary file that can be downloaded by someone. So they don't have to compile it themselves or install all the dev dependencies.

For example, a compiled binary executable (made with C, Rust or Go). Or a zipped archive of a package that contains only files needed for installing and running the package.

What is your approach to distributing your binary file and why?

Some more specific prompts:

  • Do add your binary to version control?
  • Do build a release locally and attach it to a GH release?
  • Do you use a CI tool to accomplish either of the above? It is more maintainable to use an Action on GH Actions, or to just write a few steps by hand?


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Michael Currin • Edited

I came across some GitHub Actions recomendations here:

One solution uses a GitHub-managed action to create a release and upload a file to it.

Example workflow on actions/upload-release-asset

Another solution is upload assets using a glob pattern

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Stephen Solka

For my newest project, imgcat I am using a tool called GoReleaser combined with github actions to release when a new tag is pushed.


With very minimal effort like on the level of copy and pasting 2 files I was able to get automated builds for, windows, linux, and mac. AND it publishes a homebrew formula for easy mac installs.

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Michael Currin

Thanks for sharing, I'll check that out.

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Michael Currin

I've added a section to my Code Cookbook on this.

It includes workflow files for

  • creating a release
  • uploading assets
  • goreleaser

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Luca Scala

My team is shipping floppies to final customers! 😂