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Guess What I Found

For a long time now, Google has provided the Google Assistant SDK free to use for developers. This SDK runs on almost any platform, which is awesome! However it's headless, which means it doesn't have an actual interface. It's just code. I knew it was only a matter of time before someone built out an actual client for it on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Now it's happened - GitHub user Melvin-Abraham has started a smooth, consistent, and cross-platform interface for the Assistant! Right now you have to sign in as a developer and there's no user friendly way to do it. However, the project is well on its way to being a professional client, and its functionality is mostly complete. I'm not a part of the project (yet!) nor have I contributed to it (also yet!), but I just wanted to share this useful project with you! If you get a chance, definitely check it out and give it a shot.

GitHub logo Melvin-Abraham / Google-Assistant-Unofficial-Desktop-Client

A cross-platform unofficial Google Assistant Client for Desktop (powered by Google Assistant SDK)

Google Assistant Unofficial Desktop Client

Build Downloads Issues License Top Language Last Commit Commits since last release Milestone v2.0.0

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Google Assistant Unofficial Desktop Client is a cross-platform desktop client for Google Assistant based on Google Assistant SDK.


The "Google Assistant Unofficial Desktop Client" is under development. So, if you find any bugs or have any suggestion, feel free to post an issue or a pull request.


The design is inspired by Google Assistant in Chrome OS and comes in both Light Mode (beta) and Dark Mode 😉.

G Assist Screenshot


You can build the assistant on your machine if you prefer (see How to Build). If you don't want to build the project for yourself, you can download the Assistant Setup/Installer for the respective platform from here (releases). You can download from other official sources as well.

Windows (using winget)

If you are on Windows 11, chances are you have winget pre-installed If you are on older…

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