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spinnercss - 32 different types of spinners

Improve your website with ready-made spinnercss. Give your website more personality with ready-to-use spinners featuring stunning designs and layouts.

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Spinners are available in three different styles; circle , dots, line . You can choose each with your interest. And we will describe and use it.

First, add the spinnercss.css file to your project so you can access the classes, there is also a compressed version of this file.

How to use or library syntax is as follows:

First Sample Code

<div class="circle-2 spinner-background-full">
    <div class="circle-2"></div>
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Second Sample Code

<div class="dots-9">
    <div class="dots-9"></div>
    <div class="dots-9"></div>
    <div class="dots-9"></div>
    <div class="dots-9"></div>
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For comfortable work with Spinners, we have embedded several classes so that you can maneuver more on the details of the size of the work, these classes include:

resizing the width and height, the size of the border and the assignment of the background, as well as several effects to move the icons and... Of course you can easily customize this class and even Spinners. (Of course, some classes do not function for spinners, Do not worry that this partial problem will be solved in the future.)

.w-h-30 .w-h-40 ... .w-h-100
.border-width-1 .border-width-2 ... .border-width-10
.spinner-background .spinner-background-full .spinner-background-rounded
.rotate .rotateY-360 .rotateY-180 .rotateY-90 .rotateX-360 .rotateX-180

spinnercss Website Project:

spinnercss Logo Project:

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