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M-One Personal Assistant v1.0

Hello guys,
M-One is a personal assistant who can help you with some simple tasks.
I wrote this program in Python language and I hope it is interesting and useful for you.


I work for minor tasks such as opening websites such as Google, announcing time and date, converting text to audio, creating qrcode, extracting information from wikipedia, downloading photos, etc., translating texts, displaying stored WiFi passwords, displaying public IP You, shut down the computer, create a folder and delete it, the ability to delete files on the computer, and all other features.

This program has two user interfaces: Typing and Listening.


To launch the program, first install the required packages and then use the program safely.

Use the help command to display the program commands.

Core Dependencies

  • Python 3 (3.9.7)
  • translate
  • speech_recognition
  • webbrowser
  • wikipedia
  • requests
  • pyqrcode
  • datetime
  • pyttsx3
  • urllib
  • time
  • os

Project at GitHub:

Information v2.0:

Information v2.4 + GUI v1.0:

In the future, some features of this program will be added and some of its shortcomings will be eliminated.
You dear ones can also express your opinions and suggestions.

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