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I've been stalling on redesigning my web site for several years now. The first task is to completely rewrite the back end (was in PHP/MySQL, now ASP.NET Core/EF Core/SQL Server).

I'm currently looking at front-end frameworks to develop the administration front-end (I need that before I even think of redesign the public-facing web site). I looked at Blazor last night and it seems to need a little more work (either that or I'm dumb, which is a possibility I'm willing to entertain). Today I'm looking at Vue.js. I've done a little bit of React at work, but that was months ago and I don't remember most, if any of it.

I actually came to DEV right now to look at a few posts about Vue.js and see what people think/do. I tried a Vue.js project in VS 2019 Community Edition (we use VS 2019 Enterprise at work, in case anyone is wondering why VS) and the experience has been underwhelming when it comes to running the project, so I'm kind of open to alternatives.

I might actually post a discussion about this later today.

So yeah, that's the project. And cleaning my place. :)

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