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Telescope 2.5 Update

Yesterday we released Telescope 2.5 which included two small fixes from myself. The first one was a documentation update and the second was a front-end change.

Breaking production

The first issue was simple: the release docs were not updated when we switched to using pnpm, so I had to do it now. As part of this Pull Request I also removed a section about running the outdated command since we don't check for outdated dependencies when we do a release.

While testing the new instructions in the docs, I unknowingly triggered a release. It turns out Telescope has an automatic release workflow as soon as we run ‌pnpm version <new-version-string> -m "Release message". Not the best way to start the semester!

No more scroll snap

The second issue was something that has been irritating me for some time about the homepage. The scroll snap feature was not working on some browsers and it introduced a lag when using Telescope on mobile. There were no updates on the issue since November so I decided to work on it and remove the feature.

More to come

I am currently researching how to implement Turborepo or Rushjs in Telescope. They both support pnpm which is great but I am finding Turborepo to be a lot more user friendly.

Turborepo keeps a cache every time we run a task so it is able to execute those tasks faster. This can be useful for our Continuous Integration on GitHub as well. I still haven't figured out how to properly integrate it in our tooling so I hope to find a way soon.

Finally I am also looking at a way to bring the Satellite project inside the Telescope repo to really have everything in one monorepo.

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