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David Mendoza (He/Him)
David Mendoza (He/Him)

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How I write a for my Github projects

Hello guys, once again I'm here with a small tutorial for you guys new on the business. Even though my repos have never got a lot of attention, I like that they have a good readme.

Knowing that lets just go to the point.

Before publish your own README

let me tell you what you need to change, you will see that they are some and . well that's where you will change to your Github user and to your Github repo name.

Plus you will see some quick explanation saying what you should put there, they are marked with this [ ].

With nothing else to say, take a look.

Here is a picture of the markdown code

Alt Text

And here you can get the raw code

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This is great! For projects that have collaborators, I like to add a Code of Conduct as well.

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David Mendoza (He/Him) Author

Thanks! Actually there are some good basic code of conducts, that people use, I think one is atom's one

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Jingles (Hong Jing)


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Amazing 😍👌😍