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Corona Live - Covid-19 Statistics Dashboard.

Meir Roth
・1 min read

It's a live updating dashboard that shows in a clear and organized way the number of local and global coronavirus cases with active, recoveries and death rate statistics.

I started it 4 months ago and I have spent more than 400 hours building it and perfecting it.

I just released a big update that added an English version of the website an addition to more detailed stats including number of cases in each city in Israel, hospital occupancy, number of doctors and nurses who are infected with the virus or that are in bidud and more.

Plus a dark mode too 😎

I have created Corona Live with the goal of giving people a clear view of the current Covid-19 pandemic situation, and hopefully making people realize how serious it is and how we have to all work together to stop the spread.

Please check it out here: (Hebrew)
or the English version here:

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