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re: Interesting... heh - so, on that page it's called all four of these things: Spread attribute Spread operator Spread syntax Spread notation ... ...

I believe, operators need operand(s).

ECMA divided this topic to:

  1. Arithmetic Operators
  2. Comparison Operators
  3. Logical Operators
  4. Assignment Operators
  5. Conditional Operators

Hm, interesting. Does the variable that the three dots are on not count as an operand? (I don't know what the formal definition is)

Somehow yes, but I think because this '...' thing introduced the time that syntactic sugar came up to JS so they tend to keep it as just helper syntax, some developers don't like it to be called as an operator because of other programming languages same debate.(some folks in this way would say one language has got more operators to another...:-))

Got, it (I think :) ). Interesting! I wasn't aware of the debate over the "operator" word. Thanks :)

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