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3 Ways to Add JS to HTML

1. Internal

The 1st one is by placing the <script> tag in the <head> or in the <body>.

if you placed in the body make sure it's before the closing <body> tag, so your scripts will run for all the elements in the body.

Internal JS

This way is not for daily use or for big projects, because the html file will be complicated more and more.

2. External

The 2nd is by creating a JS file and link it inside your HTML .

In this example we created a Javascript file named script.js and linked it using the script tag. put the path to your JS file in the src.

External JS

3. Inline

The last way is the inline way. by adding an event listener inside any HTML element you want to run your scripts on.

Inline Js

SO the above code runs when the user clicks on the body

The common used way for daily programming is the External way

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