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Writing Scrum Toolkit #0 - The good, the bad and the ugly

Clint Eastwood

A few days ago with a friend, we decided to create a unified (all-in-one) tool for scrum masters which will be able to connect the most important features for leading retrospective, kudos giving and planning.

The idea came from my team experience with tool called Scrumlr. It's a great tool but it's missing a lot of features such as voting lock, avatars managment for people without account, better to use grouping-ungrouping cards. Also we are using planning poker and recently decided to start giving kudos - the way to say "thank you". Various processes and ceremonies with various tools. All of the tools we have been using, are generic as possible to match many common problems of corporates over the world but not matching our problems in details.

This series is intend to show process of work on the side project mentioned in the title. I'll be explaining mechanics and more tricky or fancy code or design aspects. So stay tuned! 🚀

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SM doesn't lead anything though, they facilitate when needed. Also doesn't plan anything unless requested to do so by the team. Again, facilitate only. I smell a scrum-in-name-only team :(

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Meat Boy

Yeah, you are right, my current team is kind of scrum-in-name-only yet (the team was formed recently). Anyway, idk on taxonomy or managment stuff, by this project I want to solve few problems we met on meetings and practis certain technology :P