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Writing Scrum Toolkit #1 - Initial design

The last few weeks after my main job I have been working with a friend on various topics related to our upcoming scrum toolkit. My friend was responsible for the design, and because he is mastering Figma, he made several screens with propositions of what it may look like.

A few first designs looked too similar in my opinion to other great, already existing tools on the market so we pivot design from classic, corporational blue-navbar-container-footer design to a more funky one.

Our main colour is going to be sea green. Participants of the events are going to have colourful avatars (from open source sensa emoji pack) that are going to be animated.

Image description

Also, I don't like the idea of navbars, because they are taking too much space - so after discussion with a friend, he moved the settings and other important but non-crucial elements to the hidden sidebar.

Currently, our app looks following:

Image description

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