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What is your GitHub profile? Share it here! ⚛️

Do you remember all that long nights when you were working on your outstanding projects? Maybe it's time to show them to world? :) In this thread show your GitHub profile or the repository you are most proud about! 👩‍💻

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Codeitdoc7 • Edited

I'm a beginner, in a improving phase and working on some great projects, it would be awesome to follow me.
If you see anything that can be improved, please share with me :)
Awesome Github Profile

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Avi Avinav

It's nothing much but this is something I wanted to showcase: Aloria UI, it was just a little experiment I did last year on creating a react component library.

You can also visit my Github profile here.

Feel free to connect!

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I am new to this world and still a beginner, so I haven't done many projects, and the few that I have done are not public.
GitHub Profile

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My github profile is I'm actually not proud of any project but if I need to say one it would be the Fumo-API.

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Ritam Chakraborty • Edited

I recently created my GitHub profile. I have worked very hard on this. I was looking for ways to bring it forward to larger set of audience. And what better place can i find than this very platform. So thank you very much @Meat Boy for creating this post. And my GitHub profile is a project Ifeel very proud of mostly because the fun I had making it with my girlfriend!

Please check out my profile at GitHub@RitamChakraborty. Please leave a comment if you like it. Peace ✌️.


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Santosh Bhandari

Just like someone already mentioned,

My full time office work is done in bitbucket, and freelancing works are mostly done in gitlab (all in private repos).

So my Github profile is all about the open-source contribution and personal stuffs I am able to do in free time.

Github Profile

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Jigar Shah

Here's the Repository that my team made.. We made a headless CMS, which help you develop a lightning-fast website. It's named Tez, means Fastest in Hindi. It's far better than Strapi, React or any other CMS and tool available in the market. As we created, keeping front-end developers and their issues in mind.

Have a look and help us get better - Tez

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Richard Kovacs • Edited - Encryption at rest for Kubernetes - Volume manager for Kubernetes - Distributed storage for Kubernetes - Cloud agnostic resource monitoring

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Davide Santangelo

here is my profile.

I have a lot of experience in web development. I have the ability to solve many problems and i use different approaches and solutions in my projects. I'm in love with ruby and python.

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Hayden McParlane • Edited

I've been working on some fun stuff and it's all here . The repositories I'm most proud about are part of the ThinkDeepTech organization; ThinkDeepTech/thinkdeep, ThinkDeepTech/k8s and ThinkDeepTech/k8s-manifest.

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James 'Dante' Midzi

Here's my profile James Github

This is a project that I would be gratefu for any assistance:
The Language Hub
Its repo: Repo

A number of my repos are tests to see if things can be achieved.

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Abhishek Keshri • Edited

here's mine, I make a lot of things while trying out new technologies and still have a lot of repos marked private which I'll be releasing soon! Hit follow if you want to walk with me on my OSS journey :)


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Juan F Gonzalez

My Github profile hasn't had much love since pretty much all my work is done in private repos for clients or even in other places like Gitlab or Bitbucket... :(

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Farhad Reza

Hi! My GitHub profile is
I have lots of projects to showcase but never felt enough motivated to upload them on GitHub. Most of them are laying lazily on my computer lol. I guess I will show them from now! Also this project of mine, so proud!

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Mostafa Said

I'm mostly now proud of my latest hackathon project which won me Appwrite hackathon here on