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Meat Boy
Meat Boy

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Share your dream multiplayer game scenario!

Soon I am going to start the next side project. Because I am going to learn Java I want to learn by practice networking. And it may be game or some kind of network tool.

Some time ago I have created solo and with my team few a few synchronous and asynchronous multiplayer games on WebSockets with Phaser and Unity to learn gamedev patterns, so I know good multiplayer is hard to create but I prefer done than perfect. ;)

Anyway, what type of multiplayer game you recommend? Simple RPG? Fighting? Racing? Flying? I will pick one idea and eventually create a simple and open-source game based on it.

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Alexander Girke

Do you know the game Little Fighter 2? A remake would be great :)

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Dídac Sementé Fernández

I would recommend either a Strategy game because I love em 😄! Or maybe a digital version of a board game, like chess or mahjong?

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