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🛠️ Make Dynamic Email Template With JSON Data

You guys know sending weekly newsletter is so hard job to design email with dynamic data. I'm running an website called Public APIs. So, I also send weekly newsletter about top most APIs of the week. So, It's hard for me to copy paste title, link, image and description into email template code.

So, I was looking for a tool to do this automation with my JSON data or API. But there is no tool matching my requirements.

I decide to make an simple tool to do this automation.

Tool called Dynamic Template:

How I build it?

So, basically I convert my email code into Handlebars syntax to bind my dynamic data and iteration. Then Parse the Template with data into HTML.

How to use:

Today I ship this tool on ProductHunt.

Let me know if this tool is useful for your email template automation.

Thanks 🙏

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