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Laravel Pint for tidy code

Remember the first time you saw someone else's Laravel code? Indentation chaos, spacing inconsistencies, comments like cryptic hieroglyphics. As a Laravel beginner, wrestling with code style can be just another hurdle on the learning curve.

Now we have PINT, Think of Laravel Pint as your code's fashion stylist. It takes your messy files and applies the latest Laravel trends, ensuring consistency in spacing, indentation, naming conventions, and more. Just like ESLint does for TypeScript, Pint automates code formatting, eliminating those agonizing moments spent debating tabs vs. spaces.

Unleash your inner code stylist and give Laravel Pint a try! Remember, clean code isn't just about looking good; it's about building a solid foundation for your Laravel projects. Head over to Laravel Doc for PINT to learn more and check out Laravel learning repo with a dedicated Laravel Pint branch. Let's conquer code chaos together!

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