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Twilio hackathon Project update: Received; UI

mazentouati profile image Mazen Touati Updated on ・2 min read

Hi, I would like to update the status of my Twilio hackathon project.

A quick reminder about the project's goal

my goal, is to build a platform that enable people to reserve a storage space and create a public gateway with an easy to remember URL.

By now I've reached the step 3 of the project which is preparing the UI or Hi-fi prototype for the app.

without further ado, these are some UIs design for the main features

Landing page

As I described in the initial post, I'm aiming for market ready product. Hence I've prepared a landing page to add more value for the product.

Landing page

Storage space

When a user logs in, he will have access to a storage space where he can manage all the received files or create and share new folders.

App main interface

Public bucket

When a user share his public profile URL with a friend or a co-worker. The later will need a password to unlock a specific folder and upload files to it.

Public bucket password

Public bucket upload

2FA authentication

Regarding Twilio I'll use 4 API:

  • Twilio Verify to ensure phone validity.
  • Twilio Authy as the 2FA which will be enabled by default.
  • Programmable SMS & SendGrid as notification channels.

The following is the UI part for the 2FA step



I've already pushed all the established UIs alongside the Source file (Adobe XD) to the repository. Also, as for Step 2 of the project I've pushed the initial database model too.

Project's repository: Recieved on Github

Twitter: @mazen_touati

Thanks for reading, feedbacks are appreciated 🦄

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I really like the UI! And your idea is pretty similar to my submission. 😆


I'm glad you liked the UI bit. Yes after checking you submission there's similarities in the core but the implementation and use cases would be noticably different. Good luck Peyton 😁


Good luck to you as well!