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I recently started a simply point system. Every small win I get, I make a note of it and how many “points” it’s worth. Every point is another marble in a container and I can see the progress as I slowly add more marbles. And I have to say, adding each marble feels amazing so I’m eager to keep up my small wins!


wow what a great way of rewarding yourself, and how do you attribute these points? I mean what scale do you use


Hmm I guess it depends on the type of activity it is. I usually go between one and three points.

1 - a simple, everyday habit I want to reinforce like taking a walk after lunch
2 - a non-everyday habit that's still somewhat routine and I want to keep working at, like publishing a blog post
3 - an especially rare and good event I likely schedule in advance and only do a few of a week, like going to a meetup

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