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Nope, never. Mozilla is a public benefit non-profit foundation. The legal structure of these types of organizations are drafted to prevent these sorts of things from affecting and biasing the RFC standards that w3c and Mozilla work so hard to keep public. People whom work and volunteer on these things are the reason you do not see an ads for a m$ surface pro when read source code. Which brings up a great conversation topic, is how do you pull a public benefit project that has grow to the size of React without having a private for company that is using your data to farm info to market you better on your facebook. The work at foundations is glorius but had, and doesn't pay alot. But thats where you will find the people that really do change the world of computer langauages


Thank you, you brought to the surface (...) interesting nuances. I kept the title short, but in fact the range of possibilities implied is not exclusively limited to a canonical acquisition. There are several forms of participation, control, "meddling". Right?

I do not know how much and how practically the Mozilla Foundation differs from the Linux Foundation, for example...


sometimes its better to live with your family in two houses.

its tech politics. and where ever is politics comes meddling. honestly we created our dreamscale public benefit corp to prevent this. The better question is what do you think m$ and its cohorts have to gain over manipulating say the direction of ECMA when they have their own lanugage?

I do not intend to explore the conspiracy path, just to better understand the situation. Nonetheless, talking about languages, seems that Rust is nicer than other languages to them.

i apologize that was the meta data i picked up from what you wrote.



We need different companies to drive the tech industry forward its not good for one company to own everything.