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Discussion on: What are you learning?

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Note: this is more about the how than the what.

My goal until the end of the year is to build (as a side effect) a stronger foundation in vanilla JavaScript (especially "data management").

At times, it can be a pretty boring duty, for this reason I chose creative/generative coding (an activity really appealing to me) as booster. I currently put on hold things like frameworks and web stuff.

At the end, I am focused in learning how I learn the best, case to case, in a sustainable, healthier possible way, in being more flexible:

  • started to schedule weekly/daily the relevant topics
  • adopted an iterative method
  • created a not too rigid routine

I often take a code in some other language to be translated, iteratively "improving" it and when possible, learning how original features could be translated too (ex. Python zip, range functions to ES).

Work in progress...

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Jasterix Author

What does your week/day look like? I'm trying to find a rhythm that works in terms of being pacing and retention

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At the moment, it looks a mess. Isn't intentional, I have a few other activities filling the time in random periods. But, to be fair, it feels good to alternate having more or less time to study. When I do not have time to get "saturated", retention is boosted. That being said, I actually prefer to have a not too rigid routine.

Something that I started doing in the last week and works well for me, is also to alternate topics (or same topic, different points of view/paradigm/language/platform/etc) and come back after a few hours/days to the previous. Probably not the most time effective method!

Again, it is Work in progress... :)